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We meet folks where they are at in their journey through life.
We provide individualized, person-centered support.
We are judgment free!

Community Supports and Services


Case Management

Case management provides individuals with ongoing support to maximize their quality of life and wellbeing. Through one-on-one meetings with a case manager, individuals will receive help identifying, accessing, and receiving supports and services. These can include transportation, employment, housing, and other resources. 

Recovery/Peer Recovery

We recognize that addiction and recovery are often challenging to manage on one's own. At Families Forever, individuals can meet with a trained and credentialed staff member for various services related to substance use and sobriety. We provide assessments and recommendations regarding substance use and treatment, ongoing support through individualized meetings, and peer-recovery coaching. Peer recovery coaching is led by a person who has lived experience with substance use, has been sober for at least 2 years, and has specialized training around recovery. In addition, Families Forever provides individuals with support through 12-step programs that are conducted at the Recovery Engagement Center (the REC) at 1129 16th Street, Bedford, IN, United States, 47421.



First begun by the United Way of South Central Indiana, we are pleased to collaborate with our local school districts to provide mentoring to our young ladies in Lawrence County. Through education, group conversations, and social activities, young ladies learn from women in their own community strategies to success.  

“I could trust the people in there.”

“We got to learn about places that we have never been before.”

Truancy Prevention

We understand that treatment and intervention can be important for people who are currently struggling in life.  However, we also understand the importance of starting early in life through prevention. Prevention focuses on proactively putting supports in place so that people do not struggle later on. This is the first year of our truancy prevention initiative. Through this program, we work with local school districts to identify children who are at increased risk of academic problems. By working with schools and families, we are able to remove barriers and provide support at the family level so that kids can get to school and stay in school. 

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