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Emergency Housing/Shelter

Becky’s Place

(812) 275-5773

1108 5th Street

Bedford, IN  47421

*This is a shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness. The shelter provides meals, case management, educational/ vocational training and life skills training. The maximum length of stay is 90 days.

Bedford Men's Warming Shelter

(812) 329-1118

1414 H Street

Bedford, Indiana 47421 

As a low-barrier shelter for homeless men, there are minimal requirements to accessing services. The shelter operates from November 1 through March 31 each winter. Doors open at 5 p.m. and guests leave at 9 a.m. the following morning.

Apartment Buildings/Complexes


Cambridge Square

(812) 279-6661

1941 Plaza drive

Bedford, IN  47421

*This government-subsidized housing is available to adults 62 years of age or older, or those with disabilities. All units are one bedroom

Clover Park Duplexes I & II

(812) 279-8404 or (812) 583-5838

I—2605 Clover Lane

Bedford, IN  47421

II- 2605 Sander Lane

(812) 246-5646 or (812) 523-5838

* These duplexes provide income-based rental options. Pets are welcome and laundry facilities are available.

Housing Authority/Hauck House

(812) 279-8956

1305 K Street

Bedford, IN 47421

*This facility provides low-income seniors and persons with disabilities access to subsidized housing. 

Property Sure

(812) 277-9730

717 Lincoln Ave.

Bedford, IN  47421

*A variety of housing options, including two-bedroom units and town homes, are available.

Rainbow Hills

(812) 279-9677

2212 South M Street

Bedford, IN  47421

*This apartment complex has two-bedroom units available and accepts trustee vouchers and Section 8. Pets are not allowed.

Ridgewood Apartments

(812) 279-6567

3326 Michael Ave.

Bedford, IN  47421

*This complex has studio apartments as well as 1 or 2-bedroom units.  They accept Section 8, HUD, and trustee vouchers.

Shawnee Apartments

(812) 275-8314

100 Shawnee Lane

Bedford, IN 47421

*This apartment complex accepts trustee vouchers, HUD, and Section 8. Apartments with 2 bedrooms are available.

South Central Housing

(812) 275-8436 or (812) 301-2144

2721 Industrial Drive

Bedford, IN  47421

*This facility provides persons with disabilities access to income-based rent. South Central Housing has partnered with Centerstone.

Stalker Apartments

(812) 277-8562

1429 8th Street

Bedford, IN  47421

*This complex provides access to 2-bedroom unites as well as multi-family housing. They provide income-based rent, however they do not provide subsidy assistance. 


Elm Park I and II

(812) 849-6339

I 1202 Elm Park Drive

Mitchell, IN  47446


(812) 849-6339

II 1308 Elm Park Drive 

Mitchell, IN  47446

Mitchell Apartments

(812) 849-2135

1140 Camelot Court Ave.

Mitchell, IN  47446

*​This complex provides apartments for renters who are 62 years of age and older, or who are living with disabilities. They accept HUD, trustees vouchers, and Section 8. 

Persimmon Park Apartments

(812) 279-4639

406 Wade Street

Mitchell, IN  47446

*This complex has 2-bedroom apartments and offers income-based and/or subsidized rent for eligible persons.

Pioneer Creek Apartments 

(812) 849-1414

100 Pioneer Creek Lane

Mitchell, IN  47446

*​This complex provides 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units, however, there are income restrictions. 


Manor View

(812) 279-5464

Oolitic, IN 47451

* This complex provides renters with access to 1-bedroom units.

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