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Mental Health /Substance Use Treatment


(800) 344-8802

1315 Hillcrest Road

Bedford, IN  47421

*This location provides counseling, addiction recovery, psychiatric care, crisis services, and military services. They serve adults, children, and families.

Family Matters Counseling & Consulting LLC

(812) 278-8707

2809 Washington Ave., Suite R

Bedford, Indiana 47421 

* This practice has appointments available in person and on telehealth. They provide treatment for prolonged stress, trauma, anxiety and depression, addiction, and other aspects of mental health. They also provide individuals with opportunities for Christian and biblical counseling.

Life Solutions Counseling

(812) 583-4003

1149 16th Street 

Bedford, Indiana 47421 

* This practice specializes in family, couples, adult/individual, and youth counseling. 

Serenity Now Pyschiatric and Counseling Services

(812) 275-4053

2125 16th Street 

Bedford, Indiana 47421 

* This organization provides individual, couples, family, and marriage counseling in a warm and welcoming environment that is safe and comfortable for both adults and children.

Stone City Counseling, Inc.

(812) 279-4673

2325 Q Street

Bedford, Indiana 47421 

* This clinic provides individual, couples, family, and group counseling. They offer in-person and virtual sessions. 

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